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dpstudio is Official distrubutor for Tessin and Graubunden of one of the best business softwares used by Swiss companies. We supply you the best customized software solutions, thanks to our experience. We are always cooperating with you to find the most adequate solution for your needs. We will support you through your growth, to help you fullfill your goals and make it easier for you.

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SelectLine, The swiss Software for PMI

We have been official distributors of the business software ERP SelectLine since 2004. SelectLine is one of the most popular and appreciated PMI softwares in Switzerland. Easy to use, modular, efficient, flexible, customizable and always up to date, SelectLine is the software that helps you organize and keep under control every aspect of your business, with a unique solution. It helps you with orders management, billing, supplies management, accounting, salaries and documents admininstration.

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Automation has never been so crucial

The automation of precess is the next challenge, that businesses of every size and trade have to face with. With ELO ECM Suite, we help you get through this automation process in a easier, more efficient and productive way. ELO Allows you to find your documents in a performant and easy fashion, it allowa you to manage collaboration and communication with your colleagues. It also works as a documents administration tool, that provides you with analysis regarding decision-making. ELO integrates perfecli with our ERP system, it works symbiotically with SelectLine.

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Ease of use, efficiency and precision in employees and services management

ioServices allows you to manage working hours and your employees services in a precise and detailes fashion. It's a solution studied in a simple way that optimizes and speeds up the management of your team without giving up control. ioServices automates billing and salaries preparation, by integrating perfectly with SelectLine.

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The easy, innovative and complete software for pinpointing presence and access

Tempora allows you to pinpoint presence and the access of your employees in a pratical and efficient way. It save you time and managemental costs, and it adapts to working hours depending on your business needs. Tempora allows you to always be up to date with presences, even if your colalborator is not in HQ

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Do you have an idea, but you don't know how to realize it? Are you stuck with a project and don't know how to progress? We're confident that our support could lead you to the right solution to reach your goals. We, at dpstudio have the knowledge and the experience to help you model and implement your idea. Come meet us and we will discuss it together.